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CU Boulder course on Cuban Politics with 2-week educational program to Cuba a following the semester

CHACO Travel is honored to have the support of the CU Boulder political science department to implement a unique course on Cuban Politics, History and Society.

The course is taught by Dr Grant Cohen, CHACO TRavel's founder, CEO and part-time professor of political science.

Interested in spending 13 days in first, Miami for a night, and second, Cuba for 12 days? With 20 years of experience in Cuba, Dr. Cohen set up a dynamic educational deep dive that includes Havana, Playa Giron, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana.

The 3-credit class occurs in the Spring 2023 semester and will be run again in the Spring 2024 semester.

Throughout the program, students meet and learn from locals, ranging from experts in art, architecture, politics, music, religion, economics, and everyday families.

The class focuses on the politics of Cuba, with a emphasis on the period the was of independence and then events preceding and subsequent to the Revolution. There is a strong focus on US-Cuban relations, socialist economic models, Cuba's economy, authoritarianism, Cuban culture (e.g., music, dance, baseball), informal markets, religion, race, gender, and social phenomenons specific to Cuba.

Fortunately, Cuba is among the most-highly vaccinated countries in the world (94% according to the New York Times Tracker). More importantly, in my opinion, Cuba is among the safest international destinations in the word for foreign travelers.

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