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Frequently Asked



*CHACO Travel's standard trips to Cuba include a full-time experience manager that facilitates transportation and activities, as well as ensuring that guests are comfortable and safe.*


Is it safe to travel to Cuba? Yes. By any standard, Cuba is very safe for American travelers. In fact, DK Eyewitness Travel's Cuba guide states that "compared with any other part of North, Central or South America, Cuba is a peaceful and safe place to travel in," and, "Cuba, as a rule, is incredibly safe." Violent crime against travelers is rare, and gun violence in virtually non-existent. Illicit drugs are also uncommon. Statistically, Cuba is a safe country.

Still wondering, “Is it safe to travel to Cuba?” Cuba won the 2017 FITUR  award for "being one of the safest destinations in the world."


The majority of crimes reported by US citizens consists of pickpocketing, fraud, and theft of unmonitored valuables. Using common sense and being aware of one's surroundings can reduce these risks.


While there is no destination in the world that is entirely safe, exceptional concerns about safety in Cuba are unwarranted. Next time you’re asked, “Is Cuba safe?”, you can confidently tell them yes.


Contact us if you have any additional concerns about safety in Cuba.

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